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Moodle Snapshot (2017-2018) and Upgrade

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Moodle Snapshot (2017-2018) and Upgrade
by Yazmin Alfarez - Thursday, 28 June 2018, 12:11 PM

Moodle - Important Announcement

Update: The Moodle Snapshot has been reschedule due to technical issues. We will inform you the new date in the coming days.


Moodle may be returned to service earlier than this time, however should be considered to be at risk until the Friday. This is to allow the annual snapshot copy to be created, and update work on the platform to be completed.

While there will be no major changes to look and feel or functionality, we will be taking this opportunity to perform yearly maintenance and upgrade tasks on Moodle. This is to ensure tools in use are still well supported and keep the platform running smoothly.

As ever, if you experience any issues, please do let us know by emailing